URL is used for advertising networks. Copy URL and paste to the ad.

In case traffic source is selected for the campaign, all necessary params are added automatically.

The simplest way to integrate campaign with any website. Copy link code and paste to website page.

Dynamic link is written on JS. Use it in case you need to send params (e.i. UTM labels) to the campaign.

PHP redirect

This PHP code immediately redirects visitors to campaign.

Dynamic frameset shows the same frame, but allows you to send UTM labels to campaign.


Creates iframe tag with campaign inside.

To show fullscreen frame, check method “Frameset”.

Please read Redirect and action compatibility table.


Shows script tag. Is used to perform redirects (choose “Redirect for script” in streams) or show any external script (choose “CURL” in streams).

Script (sync) is outdated method to show script table by document.write. Some versions of chrome blocks it.

Please read Redirect and action compatibility table.


This code will show fullscreen frame. Replace tag <body> in the website template with this code.

This method allows you to show banners in a frame. It compatible almost with all types of HTML banners and RTB systems. To make stream behave like a banner, use action “Show HTML”.

To show other types of ads, like popoups or slider, use method “JS ads”.

JS ads (slider, topline, video, popunder, clickunder)

This method is compatible with almost every types of dynamic ads.

Clicks and conversions tracking

Tracking script allows to send information about clicks and report conversions to Keitaro. More information about tracking script on page Tracking script.

Click API Client

Click API Client allows to use Keitaro Click API. More information on page Click API.

How to integrate campaign with advertising networks

How to integrate with a landing page

How to integrate with doorways

How to show banners on my site

How to show popunders, clickudners and other types of ads

Read page js-ads.