Reinstallation, Mirrors, Transfer

How can Keitaro be transferred to another server?

  1. Change your license IP;
  2. Make the database dump in phpMyAdmin (Export tab);
  3. Copy all the Keitaro TDS files to the new server;
  4. Write the new database settings in application/config/config.ini file;
  5. Set 777 attributes for var directory (recursively);
  6. Import the database dump through phpMyAdmin (Import tab).
  7. Add cron.php launch task to planner.

How can I add a mirror (change the domain)?

  1. Go to server control panel (ISPManager, cPanel, Parallels), domain properties;
  2. Find the “Mirror” field (also can be named Alias);
  3. Write new domain names there, separated by spaces.

Instruction for cPanel

Can I use a domain as a mirror which is on a different IP?

Yes, it is possible and you don't need to buy an additional license. The only restriction is that you can open an admin panel from a domain with the license.

How can I transfer software to another domain?

  1. Change the IP licenses, if the new domain is located at another IP address;
  2. Move all the files to the new directory;
  3. Setup the planner again.

In most cases it is easier to add the new domain as a mirror to the old one than move all the files and settings.

How can software be reinstalled?

Delete the file var/log/install.lock, Download and launch the installation again..

Will my data be deleted after the reinstallation?

No, if you insert the same database identity.

Can I use multiple TDS which are connected to the same database?

Yes but with some restrictions in the settings:

  1. Open the settings - “Performance” tab - “Storage for draft data” and then choose “MySQL” or “Redis”
  2. Choose “Memcached” at “Cache Storage”. If you don`t see it there disable the caching.

The settings need to be applied in all installed TDS.

How to tramsfer the database without phpMyAdmin??

The command to create a database dump in a server console:

mysqldump -u USER -p DATABASE_NAME | gzip > dump.sql.gz

You will be asked to enter a password. Then the dump will be downloaded into the archive dump.sql.gz.

The file can be copied from the old server to a new one with SCT utility:

scp dump.sql.gz  root@IP:/tmp/dump.sql.gz

This command imports the dump into a database:

zcat /path/to/dump.sql.gz | mysql -u USER -p DATABASE_NAME