Working with Advertising Networks

How to add an advertising network as a traffic source

On the page “Traffic Sources” press the button “Create”. Check if there is your advertising network in the templates. If your ad network is in the templates, all settings will be filled in automatically, you only need to connect to the source in the campaign settings.

If there is no template. Find the instruction on the available tokens (parameters) of ads that can be passed in ads. Press the “Change params” button of the traffic source. Enter your tokens in the column “Token or value”. For example, an advertising network has tokens: [BID], [UID], [SITE], [AD]. Write:

  • [BID] for “cost”;
  • [UID] for external_id (id of a click);
  • [SITE] for source (website, where the click was made);
  • [AD] for creative_id (id of the ad).

After the traffic source is connected in the campaign settings, all the parameters will be added when generating the campaign link (“URL” button).

How to use Keitaro for Google Adwords

Keitaro can be used in Adwords and pass moderation in multple ways:

  1. Switch “LP Load method” in the landing page settings to “Preload”. It removes the redirect to the landing page.

How to use Tracking Template in Google Adwords?

This is the permitted method of using the tracker in the ad campaigns of Google Adwords. So, don't be afraid of ad blocking.

  1. Create a traffic source by selecting “” from the templates
  2. Create a campaign with the selected template
  3. Create a stream:
    • Scheme “Redirect” (or “Landing Pages” in case you want to track multiple LPs)
    • Action “HTTP redirect”.
    • URL is your webiste address
  4. Press “Get URL” button on the streams page. Copy it.
  5. In the settings of Adwords campaigns, find the option “Campaign URL options> Tracking template”. Paste the copied URL there.
  6. In the “Final URL” field write the same address that you wrote in the stream
  7. Press “Test” to check or save the announcement.

If an error is displayed after clicking on “Test”, check :

  • If the addresses in the stream and in the “Final URL” field are the same
  • Are there filters in the stream and are there other streams in the campaign that can intercept the request


Using prelander for Google Adwords

The next secure way of configuring. Prearranged prelanding page is used for the ads. Read the section using_prelanding_page_for_an_ad.

How to cloak Google Adwords

Please read the page cloaking_for_advertising_networks.


  • Do not use cloaking if you don't really need it.
  • Do not enable stream with money page while the ad is in status “Learning”.
  • Read other cloaking_tips.

How to pass moderation in other Ad networks

How to use Keitaro for Instagram/Facebook

Here are the solutions for different cases:

Attention! Cloaking with the only provider verification does not longer work. To increase the security of your ad, try to limit the access to the stream with the offers by filters as much as possible. If there are complaints about your ads, your links will be visited by moderators. If there are many complaints, the ad will be banned without any checking. The situation with Instagram profiles is similar. The profiles are being banned because of the user complaints.

Using of a preland without a redirect

If the redirect is not allowed, you can add a preland. A preland is a page, which is seen by a visitor who clicks the campaign link (or the ad) first of all.

A preland without a redirect can be used in two ways:

  1. When adding a landing to Keitaro, turn on a “Preload” option. In a campaign, create a stream with a “Landing” scheme and choose a landing. See the example below.

An example of a campaign setup with a preland and without a redirect

  • Go to “Landings” page.
  • Add your preland address. Turn on a “Preload” option.
  • Create a campaign. Fill in the name and address. Choose or add the traffic source, if needed.
  • Add a stream, choose a “Landing” scheme, then add your preland.
  • Click a “Link” button, you'll get a link to the ad there.

In case you need to connect an offer to a preland and track visits:

  • Write {offer} in links in the landing code, e.g. <a href="{offer}">Click!</a>.
  • Add an affiliate network and the offer.
  • Go to a stream settings, to a “Scheme” tab and add a created offer to where the landing is now.
  • Open the campaign address and check, that the links now go to the offer.

In case you need bot cloaking:

  • Add one more stream in a campaign: Type > Forced, Filter > “Bot”, Scheme and Action - as you wish, often “404 error”, “curl” or “show the text” are used.

How to use prelander with the Tracking Script?

Using prelanding page allows to place ads without the risk of any sanctions and to track the ads effectiveness.

  1. Create a landing page. This can be a simple HTML page.
  2. Create a campaign in Keitaro. Create a stream with “Offers” scheme.
  3. Open the page “Landings” in Keitaro, add the created landing page by writing its URL.
  4. Press the button “Instruction”, switch to the “Tracking script” tab.
  5. Connect the code to your landing page.
  6. Write the address of the landing page in the ad.

More about the tracking script and its features on the page Tracking script.

How to track the advertising costs?

If the ad network passes the cost of a click (bid), correct the “cost” parameter in the traffic source settings. For example, a network uses token {{COST}}. Then write it in the field “Token”.

Otherwise, use the function of manual updating of costs “Campaign> Update costs”.

How to track Adwords costs?

Adwords doesn't can't to send click bid to Keitaro directly. You must update costs manually (Campaigns > Update Costs).