Creating an offer

Affiliate network

Connect an affiliate network to get recommendations on how to pass subid.


Paste the offer URL that you received at the affiliate network. Here you can use macros. If you connected postback at the affiliate network it is necessarily to pass {subid}, otherwise postbacks does not work.

Payout type

Cost-per-action (CPA) - income is accrued only after receiving the postback.

Cost-per-click (CPC) - income is calculated immediately after sending the user to the offer.


You can set fixed payout value or enable “Auto”. If “Auto” is enabled payout value is taken from postback (&payout=0.5&currency=usd).

Upsell (Rebills)

Option “Upsell” (rebills) allows to increase of revenue without increasing the conversions count (leads, sales). If the “Upsell” is enabled, it's necessary to send a unique value in param “tid”. In other case, postback will be ignored.