Click API

Click API is an interface for receiving the result of running the campaign and their streams. To manage your campaigns and receive reports see Admin API.

Version Click API 2

To make a request to API you must send “token” to the campaign. You can take it from the campaign editing page, tab “Additional Settings”.


Click API is available by accessing the following addresses:

  • /click_api/v2.
  • /api.php.

An example of request

curl "http://keitarotds.soft.project/click_api/v2?token=ebd928ea"                             


All parameters described here which_parameters_can_i_pass_for_the_reports and listed below.

  • ip — IP address of the IPv4 type
  • user_agent
  • language
  • landing_id
  • uniqueness_cookie — current contents of the cookie
  • log — if you need the log of a click processing (1 or 0) 
  • info — return info block (1 or 0)


Response is returned in JSON format. Its attributes are:

Attribute Type Description
headers array Array of header responses
body string Body of the response (for example, the page text)
contentType string Response type (In the case of json it is “application/json; charset=utf-8”)
uniqueness_cookie string Cookie that you must send in further requests to Click API
log array Contents of the click processing log
info object Container with information by click
info.sub_id string
info.campaign_id int
info.stream_id int
info.landing_id int
info.offer_id array
info.token string
info.uniqueness array
info.uniqueness.campaign boolean boolean boolean
info.is_bot boolean

An example of request and response

curl ""
    "body": null,
    "contentType": "text/html; charset=utf-8",
    "headers": [
    "info": {
        "campaign_id": 2,
        "stream_id": 1117,
        "sub_id": "o2q6e42hs08jq",
        "type": "location",
        "url": "$keyword&utm-campaign=aff1"
    "log": [
        "Processing campaign 2",
        "Referrer: ",
        "Source: ",
        "Keyword: ",
        "UserAgent: HTTPie/0.6.0",
        "Language: ",
        "Is unique in campaign: no",
        "Checking stream #1282",
        "Filter  \"uniqueness\": allow",
        "Filter \"uniqueness\": rejected",
        "Checking stream #1343",
        "Filter \"region\": rejected",
        "Checking stream #1355",
        "Filter  \"limit\": allow",
        "Filter \"ip\": rejected",
        "Checking stream #1117",
        "Accepted by filters",
        "Stream #1117",
        "Send headers: Location:",
        "[Profiler] 0.101 sec.  1 sql queries, 9MB (+7MB)"
    "uniqueness_cookie": "eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJkYXRhIjoie1wic3RyZWFtc1wiOntcIjExMTdcIjoxNDkwNzA1MTQyfSxcImNhbXBhaWduc1wiOntcIjJcIjoxNDkwNzA1MTQyfSxcInRpbWVcIjoxNDkwNzA1MTQyfSJ9._u5H9oOOdyp02VTnDN8VG47oLDoqRHHKyYI3ChxRqw8"

Click API Client v2

Read the page Click API Client.

Version Click API 1

Read the page Click API v1.